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Who We Are

We provide stress-free recovery assistance by identifying the right addiction recovery center for you. By partnering up with high-caliber drug and alcohol treatment centers across the country, we are able to help those in need nationwide. Our recovery placement services are always free, confidential and nonbinding.

Our Beliefs

Recovery Resources is based upon the philosophy that drug and alcohol addictions, along with other dependencies, are diseases that can be treated. We understand that all addictions are complex-physically, behaviorally and psychologically. There are also social and spiritual components that accompany many addictions.

Because we view addiction as a treatable disease with a number of complex components, we approach the recovery process from many different angles. It is our philosophy to treat the whole person and not just “the addiction.” Every treatment facility in our network adheres to only the highest industry standards and employs experienced addiction treatment professionals who are trained to guide every client through a recovery process that is uniquely designed. Along with detox, all of the centers in Recovery Resources’ network help clients work to achieve: accurate self-awareness, higher sense of self-esteem, healthy relationships, improved employment outlook, realistic life goals and an adjusted healthy lifestyle.

“Break The Cycle Of Addiction”


Adult Treatment Programs

Through knowledge, experience, support, and compassion, we seek to restore the lives of individuals and families afflicted by this debilitating disease

With many options for substance abuse treatment. The experience of searching for the right facility can be daunting our goal is to provide professional guidance and support in order to find the right program for you or your loved one.

Residential Treatment

Once detoxification has been successfully completed, the next step for many clients is to work toward formulating achievable life goals and adjusting to living sober. For many, this involves staying in a residential treatment center for a pre-defined period of time. The benefits of residential treatment include: multiple daily counseling sessions, group therapy, removal from situations that may cause relapse and ample time to mentally adjust to the discontinuation of an addictive substance.



The very first step in a chemical dependency recovery program is detoxification. In essence, detox is the process of removing the addictive substance from the body. This process is necessary in any chemical addiction program, and will be performed with the help of our professional addiction specialists so that the withdrawal symptoms are manageable. Once the addictive substance is removed from the body and initial withdrawal symptoms subside, additional physical as well as behavioral symptoms will be addressed on a unique case by case basis.


Why Recovery Resources?

Our services are FREE, with no obligation.

Recovery Resources will match you with a rehabilitation center that we feel is appropriate. This service is provided free of charge, and you are under no obligation to attend our recommended rehabilitation program. Choosing to attend the rehab program/center we recommend will not cause you to incur any charges. Our referral services are always 100% free of charge.

We provide unique placement based on needs.

Recovery Resources understands that no addiction is a “one-size-fits-all” disease. Rather than working for a recovery center, we work for you. Our priority is always in finding the addiction facility that can best meet the needs of each of our unique clients. We always take into consideration: the nature of the addiction, geographic location, insurance, budget, schedule, and other personal preferences of each client.

Our team is experienced in handling all types of insurance.

We have the ability to handle multiple addictions and coexisting medical conditions/disorders.

Many people who are dealing with a chemical dependency or addiction are also suffering from a second medical condition such as: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, codependency, Attention Deficit Disorder, chronic illness and many others. When Recovery Resources is placing you with an appropriate recovery center, any coexisting medical conditions will be taken into consideration along with your addiction(s) so that your placement is as optimal as possible to ensure successful recovery.

We can assist with travel arrangements and transportation services.

If we determine that the best rehab facility for you is not optimally located near where you currently live, Recovery Resources will help you arrange travel details and, in some cases, will provide you with personal transportation.

Most insurance covers 100% of the costs.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers’ programs include the following:

  • Professional staff that is highly trained in multidisciplinary areas relating to recovery
  • A medical professional on location 24/7
  • Individualized treatment plans that focus on the person as a whole
  • Private locations that include many creature comforts and amenities
  • Specialized programs aimed to help you recover from: chemical dependency, eating disorders, sexual addiction, compulsions and more
  • Counseling services that assist clients in adjusting to life without their addiction
  • Relapse prevention services
  • Continued care that extends beyond the initial recovery stay


Recovery Resources guided me to right facility for my particular struggles. They made it so easy, I didn’t have to search several facilities on my own, they did it for me. They made sure the facility I went to accepted my insurance and even help negotiate my cost. I got the help that I needed and that I could afford.

Markus Meyer

Recovery Resources help save my life. I was looking for a treatment program that offered equine therapy and they found me one that was beautiful and had amazing therapy. Also, they made the process so easy and stress-free.

Susan Charice

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